Conventional Liquid Rotor Resistance Starter

Conventional Liquid Rotor Resistance Starter


Type Conventional Type
Starting duty Yes
Starting and pull out torques achievable as per technical Specification Yes
Electrolyte Tank & Electrodes Material ms Sheet
Whether Electrodes are Static and Adjustable Yes
Metallic Resistance Material MS Sheet Steel
Power Switchgear Suitable for Rv & Ra as per Tender Specification Yes
Make of Power Contactor Reputed Make
Rated Current of Power Contactors (in Delta) To suit RA of motor
Electrolyte Level Indicator Switch Provided Yes
Electrolyte Temperature Switch Provided Yes
Potential free contacts provided as per technical spec Yes
Final Paint Shade Light Grey 631 IS:5
Mounting Base Frame Provided Yes
Control Voltage 230V AC
Type of control terminals Clip on, 2.5sq mm
Suitability for Termination of Cables as per Tender Spec Yes
Detachable Gland Plate Provided Yes
Spacing Between Gland Plate and Power Terminal 400-500 mm

It will be having MS Electrolyte tank, floor mounting, free standing type, dust & vermin proof construction. It will be provided Fixed & Moving electrodes made-out by MS Sheet Steel having horizontal movement, Anti-corrosive Epoxy black paint (inside the electrolyte tank walls), Phase barriers of polypropylene, Mechanism box, Power/Shorting Contactor/Cable Box and all other accessories for motorized as well as manually operation. Integral Control Box of suitable size (housed with main MS tank of LRS) will be provided & it having RDOL Starter of suitable rating Aux. contactor for reversing & forwarding Pilot motor & Moving electrodes, Over load relay, Key actuated Auto/Manual selector switch, Push button, Isolating switch, Indicating lamps, Power/Control TBs & necessary back-up protection etc. It will have Interlocking arrangement/circuit for Stator control panel, so that, Main motor can not be started unless resistance is in fully ‘IN’ Position. It will be provided AC3 duty Air Break Power contactor of ‘Reputed make’ (in delta connected) to suit the RA of motor for final short-circuiting the resistance when motor attains full speed. It will have provision for Manual operation, also.


  • The Liquid Rotor Resistance Starter conforms to BS-140.
  • It is totally Automatic Motor Operated and also, having Manual operation with the help of hand wheel.
  • Electrolyte Tank will be made-out by MS sheet steel of 3mm to 5mm thick and other fabrication will be made-out by 2mm thick MS Sheet Steel.
  • Epoxy Black Paint (for Anti-corrosion) will be done inside the Electrolyte Tank.
  • Polypropylene Phase Barriers will be provided.
  • Movement of Moving Electrodes will be Horizontal type.
  • It is suitable for two consecutive starts from cold & four starts per hour equally spread in hot conditions.
  • Limit Switches for Interlocking purpose with spares contacts will be provided.
  • Moving & Fixed Electrodes will be made-out by MS Sheet Steel (zinc plated) of 3mm to 5mm thick.
  • Electrolyte filling & over flow sockets will be provided.
  • Air Break Power Contactor (AC3 duty) of ‘ABB/BCH/L&T make’ will be provided in delta connected to suit RA of motor for Final short-circuiting.
  • Integral Control Box of suitable size (housed with the Main MS Tank of LRS) will be provided. It will have RDOL Starter having suitable rating Contactor for Forwarding & Reversing Pilot Motor & Moving Electrodes, Over Load Relay, Key Actuated Auto/Manual Selector Switch, Push button, Isolating Switch, Indicating Lamps & Power/Control TBs.
  • Pilot Motor of ¼ HP Squirrel Cage type of reputed make will be provided.
  • All the Switch-gear components will be of reputed make.
  • It will be suitable for interfacing with consignee’s Stator Control Panel.
  • Standard time of resistance cutting is depending upon the rating of motor. This time can be suitably changed to suit Main Motor.
  • The Interlocking arrangement will be provided for Stator Control Panel. The Interlocking is such that the Main Motor can not be started unless Resistance is fully “IN” position & the Main Motor will be Tripped, if the Electrodes does not reaches to Run Position within specified time.
  • Painting will be done by Hand Spray Gun M/cs with Light grey 631 of IS:5.
  • Necessary cable glands and lugs can be provided at an extra cost.
  • Electrolyte/Water level indicator & Temperature indicator cum controller with alarm & trip contacts will be provided at an extra cost.
  • In the event of ordering all related drawing like GA, BOM & Schematic diagram etc. will be submitted for getting approval before start manufacturing work.& procuring of major Switch gear items of reputed make.

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